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David was one of 25 obese men and women involved in a pioneering study on this type of fat.They were scanned using ultra-sensitive 3D MRI before and after a three-month programme, which involved exercise, a low-fat diet and an over-the- counter slimming pill.'Blood tests show that within half an hour of starting exercise, there are already metabolic changes to visceral fat - even though it takes longer for these changes to be picked up on an MRI scan.' Why does visceral fat disappear so quickly?

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The other astonishing finding was that it takes such a short time for visceral fat to be reduced by simple diet and lifestyle changes.

'We had no idea at the beginning the impact just three months of dieting would have,' says Dr Rexford Newbould of the Glaxo Smith Kline's Clinical Imaging Centre at Hammersmith Hospital.

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Last October he embarked on a 12-week exercise and diet regime.

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