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With a laptop or mobile device, all you have to do is find the network SSID and log in with the supplied password, and you’re good to go.

Other users — up to five total — can also log on simultaneously, with one being able to tether via USB. First, enable file sharing by typing in “ in the browser of a connected device, put in the admin password, and hit the micro SD tab to access web sharing settings. Of course, it’s not as fast as having a card locally connected, but uploading or downloading data was easy and fairly fast for most modest-sized files.

All that matters to most end users is that it works, that it offers decent coverage and that it’s fast.

To the first point: Yes, it works, and pretty well too.

While regular web surfing performed reasonably well, downloading bigger files occasionally revealed some sputter and lag. It’s unusual when a device delivers its rated hours of battery life, but it’s even rarer when it blows right past that.

Official specs list 4.5 hours of continuous use (150 hours standby), but I often got 5 to 6 hours — sometimes even more.

I can hardly deduct points for this, considering how many makers do it, but bear in mind that it does make it a pain in the neck to access.

A lot depends on usage of course, so if you tend to download a lot of torrents or stream constantly, your mileage may differ.

But for light to medium use — say email, web surfing, RSS feeds and the like — the battery life should be plenty. Unlike many other portables, this router actually hangs on to a charge.

I found that the mobile hotspot delivered well with my tablet and smartphone, as I don’t tend to download large files or do hugely data-intensive tasks there.

However on the laptop, where I usually do more of the “heavy lifting,” the inconsistencies did become more noticeable.

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