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The speculative elements that at the time raised some criticism look innocent and almost charming compared to what's being shown today.

You can see cool design, cool clothes, cool architecture, cool attitudes, cool cars, cool boats, listen to cool music.

Somehow, it captures much of the optimistic "no problem" attitude of the decade that has recently been dismissed as "kitsch".

At least, this is the case for the first couple of seasons.

In the original series, Sonny Crockett, was an ex-football star who was drafted into the Army, sent to Vietnam and then had a long and noted career in the police force.

This version of Crockett merely gives out the fact that he's a decorated officer, but little to no information on his background(football star,soldier, etc.).

Though one may like or dislike the style, everyone will see that there has been put quite an enormous effort into all this.

As for the stories, they fit the spirit of the series quite well - they're interesting enough to catch your interest - never complex, but not devoid of intriguing and well-developed characters.

The best undercover identity is oneself with the volume turned up and restraint unplugged."; this song plays over footage of Crockett and Tubbs riding a speedboat, plus flashbacks of Tubbs and Angelina."Phil the Shill": Phil Collins - "Life is a Rat Race" and "Freefall" (final episode): Terry Kath - "Tell Me"; this song plays over a montage of scenes from the show.Performances are all very good, right down to the smaller parts and the plot demands attention. Its so refreshing to see a cop thriller for adults, with no silliness and one that doesn't insult the audiences intelligence. In economics, a service is a transaction in which no physical goods are exchanged.

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Once the credits are done, the film begins in the nightclub scene that opened the theatrical version.

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