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We'd done it where RZA had both verses and the song was good to go, but we felt this was a good one to have the female perspective in the song.

RZA: I'll just say that we went from conception of the idea to working with what kind of music and songs that's going to formulate it.

As a guy who started his career antagonistic against rock and guitars and all that, you hear GZA's first lyric, "First of all, who's your A&R/A mountain climber who plays the electric guitar." We shunned ODB's brother who was into rock and Prince. You hear it in my sample choices, you hear it on ' "4th Chamber." When I heard "The Scale," that's where I want to be as a musician.

I want to be able to do that myself, and by saying that, beyond Paul's voice, I love his voice and his cadence and his idea of wordplay and choices of words in his songwriting, I also have a couple of dreams of my own.

RZA: As far as other artists, we didn't work with other artists. RZA: Right now, there's nothing brewing, to be real. I don't know if the other guys are brewing something. We got festivals coming up, we're going to really treat this record seriously. I wish they would, because then we'd have a quadruple record right now.

In my opinion, we're the other artists to each other. We took this project, also, like what's meant to be. Movie companies have to figure out the best time to put their movies out. The fans will let us know if they enjoy this or they want some meat or vegetarian shit; they'll let us know.

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