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If you are asked to click on some link to a site that needs your credit card number to verify your age – it’s always a scam, no exceptions.

In the past I had good experience with other dating sites( that are not free). I created a fake profile of a 43 year old woman who looks above average.These sites usually are named something like safe date, meet safe, etc.You probably have just as much of a chance meeting someone who is crazy at your local bar or even a church sponsored dance but for some reason these adult verification sites are everywhere on the Internet as if the Internet is the only place that is unsafe to meet people.My Fiance and I met and connected with a 95% match! We live together and every day it is refreshing and beautiful even after almost 8 months, and now we are "one", and very soon to be married. Ok Cupid is an American-based international online cheating and robbing website that features multiple silly questions in order to FOOL its members.Like any dating site, you are going to get the fakers and scammers. It also helped that we lived about two hrs away in the beginning. Their aim is to steal each and every penny from customers credit cards. Ok Cupid shows off a 'questionable' graph with a 23%-34% reply rate on their own blog for men messaging women, depending on message length.

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You have to be a stud to get replies, and even if you are, you will get few.

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