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A brief study of the various Prescription/Non-prescription Products.Medical/Surgical accessories, diagnostic aids, appliances available in the market.Isolation of mutants, factors influencing rate of mutation. Isolation of fermentation products with special reference to penicillins, streptomycins tetracyclines and vitamin B12.Introduction to pharmaceutical jurisprudence & ethics : Pharmaceutical Legislations – A brief review; Drugs & Pharmaceutical Industry – A brief review; Pharmaceutical Education – A brief review; An elaborate study of the followings: Pharmaceutical Ethics; Pharmacy Act 1948; Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 and Rules 1945; Medicinal & Toilet Preparations (Excise Duties) Act 1955; Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic Substances Act 1985 & Rules; Drugs Price Control Order; A brief study of the following Acts with special reference to the main provisions and the latest amendments: Poisons Act 1919; Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act 1954; Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act 1970 & Rules 1975; Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960; States Shops & Establishments Act & Rules; Insecticides Act 1968; AICTE Act 1987; Factories Act 1948; Minimum Wages Act 1948; Patents Act 1970.complexes, liquid crystals, glassy state, solids- crystalline, amorphous and polymorphism.Micromeretics and Powder Rheology: Particle size and distribution, average particle size, number and weight distribution, particle number, methods for determining particle volume, methods of determining particle size- optical microscopy, sieving, sedimentation; measurements of particle shape, specific surface area; methods for determining surface area; permeability, adsorption, derived properties of powders, porosity, packing arrangement, densities, bulkiness & flow properties.Introduction to dispensing and community pharmacy; Prescription: Handling of prescription, source of errors in prescription, care required in dispensing procedures including labeling of dispensed products.General dispensing procedures including labeling of dispensed products; Pharmaceutical calculations: Posology, calculation of doses for infants, adults and elderly patients; Enlarging and reducing recipes percentage solutions, alligation, alcohol dilution, proof spirit, isotonic solutions, displacement value etc; Principles involved and procedures adopted in dispensing of : Typical prescriptions like mixtures, solutions, emulsions, creams, ointments, powders, capsules, pastes, jellies, suppositories, ophthalmic, pastilles, lozenges, pills, lotions, liniments, inhalations, paints sprays tablet triturates, etc; Incompatibilities: Physical and chemical incompatibilities, inorganic incompatibilities including incompatibilities of metals and their salts, non-metals, acids, alkalis, organic incompatibilities.

Development of hybridoma for monoclonal antibodies. Study of drugs produced by biotechnology such as Activase, Humulin, Humatrope, HB etc; Antibiotics: Historical development of antibiotics.Drug Information Services: Sources’ of Information on drugs, disease, treatment schedules, procurement of information, Computerized services (e.g., MEDLINE), Retrieval of information, Medication error- types of medication errors, correction and reporting.Records and Reports: Prescription filling, drug profile, patient medication profile, cases on drug interaction and adverse reactions, idiosyncratic cases.Drug Store Management and Inventory Control: Organization of drug store, Types of materials stocked, storage conditions; Purchase and Inventory Control principles, purchase procedures, Purchase order, Procurement and stocking; Drug distribution Systems in Hospitals: Out-patient dispensing, methods adopted; Dispensing of drugs to in-patients. Charging policy, labeling; Dispensing of drugs to ambulatory patients; Dispensing of controlled drugs, Dispensing of ancillary supplies; Central Sterile Supply Unit and their Management: Types of materials for sterilization, Packing of materials prior to sterilization, sterilization equipments, Supply of sterile materials.Manufacture of Sterile and Non-sterile Products: Policy making of manufacturable items, demand and costing, personnel requirements, manufacturing practice, Master formula Card, production control, Manufacturing records.

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