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Uncle didn’t say anything but I think he made the compromise and I thought-Sorry Uncle, Aunty’s ass will be mine by then. I went to Aunty’s house with the DVD player one night at 9 pm and knocker at the door. I said-Well, I know Uncle borrows this kind of films regularly and I think its you who joins him in watching the film and then the hot sex after that. My friend is witness because he owns the parlour from where Uncle gets these films. I know at my age, I should control myself but I cant. Aunty said-He says it ok and we don’t need to go to a Dcotor. Aunty looked at the screen and the woman was screaming in pleasure. I want to fill my ass with your cock and your cumload. Soon everything will be alright and you will enjoy it. I said-And I will let the secret out of you and Uncle having sex while watching Porn films. Then he gradually opened her both ass cheeks and spitted on her asshole and began to lick it. Just look at the woman in the film how after initial discomfort she is just enjoying now.“I’ll get it,” the three of us said in unison as we stood up.“I guess we’ll all answer it together.” Elizabeth giggled. “That’s way too obvious.” She gestured down towards my crotch, drawing attention to my massive erection bulging heartily in my pants. She had a daughter too who was a bombshell and I heared a lot of things about her from my sources. She was helping me by pushing her ass to help me and was saying-Yeh baby yeh,fuck me,fuck my ass. She was wildly rubbing her pussy and joining me in the fuck We had the wild ride for 15 mins and I knew I was cumming. Shower your healthy thick sperm load inside my ass. I rolled off her and said-You loved it Aunty,right? Now I know why your Uncle was so desperate to have it. You must have had many asses before as the way you fucked me tells that you are a expert in this. But like others,this matter will be only between you and me and no one else. Now I not only found it with your help, I also came to know that how wonderful and pleasureful the journey through it can be.Uncle was a technician in my fathers office and also a close friend of him because both of them started their jobs in the office at the same time. I had some knwloedge of it as I saw my friend of that CD/DVD shop repair it. As I expected,tomorrow morning,after Sonu left, Uncle called me to his house and said-Arun,our DVD player is not working at all.

We both looked at the film and at that time,woman was sucking the boys cock hard. She was grabbing my cock over my pants and started creasing it. I said-I admit that Aunty,you find it rather discomforting as you never seen or even thought of this kind of thing but its one way of sex and as most Indian woman have the assholes virgin,many husbands after seeing these kind of films which are flourishing in the market now a dasys,wants to try it too. She looked at me and said-You too are a freak like him?

I tried to adjust it to make it less pronounced, but it was barely less noticeable.

“Shit, I’m just gonna hope they don’t notice.” I said anxiously.

She first tried to release her but I was strong and soon she responeded by holding me hard too.

I was always interested to fuck you and I desired you even more than you daughter.. I said-Yes it is and I took her into my arms and locked my lips to her while pressing her body to me.

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I knew she wouldn’t be too hard for me but I was much more interested in bedding her mom rather then her. I immediately took the screwdriver out of my pocket and opened it. I smiled and said-I am looking forward to the journey.

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