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After typing up two or three pages I often felt physically sick and had to get some air.'In a remarkable twist, the publishers managed to trace relatives of Mukhina in Moscow and discovered that she had survived the siege.Unfortunately Lena had died in 1991 at the age of 66, leaving no family, and without ever mentioning the diary's existence.'I knew she was in the siege, but she never used to talk about that.A harrowing diary written by a Russian teenage girl during the Nazi siege of Leningrad 70 years ago has drawn comparisons with that of Anne Frank after being published for the first time.Lena Mukhina began writing the diary in May 1941 aged 16, describing the horror of watching her family die, as well as the pains of growing up.Marina Rymynskaya, who typed up the original manuscript, said: 'In the beginning, the diary reads like a love story.'But on June 22 1941 (When the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union) the handwriting changed dramatically.

Her diary has been discovered in a state archive and is being published in the city, now known as St Petersburg.

'At first I thought that somebody else was writing.

It was psychologically and physically difficult to work on this project.

It reads: 'Today we had delicious soup with meat and macaroni.

The cat meat will be enough for two more meals.'It would be good to get hold of another cat somewhere.

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In addition to learning of the history of the seige, view dynamic pictures, read the poetry of Anna Akhmatova, Konstantine Mikhailovich Simonov and Vera Inber.

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