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Be the man in the white lab coat with spectacles and a stethoscope around your neck!! Play games and learn to perform surgeries, operations and join the many bones in a human body!!

He described fondling and caressing them.'In his defence, Queree claimed that at no time did she tell him not to touch her breasts although he said she did at one stage ask him, in non specific terms, to be more gentle and he complied.Despite consenting to having sex with Queree, the victim told him she did not want her breasts touched and accused him of using 'excessive force'.Queree has now been placed on the Sex Offender's Register for five years - ruining his dream of becoming a doctor, according to his barrister.Mrs Shaw found: 'They were affectionate and kissing and they talked about a future relationship.'She said they agreed to stop using Tinder and to date exclusively.Mrs Shaw continued: 'Later that evening they went to her flat where they engaged in sexual intercourse.'The woman's evidence was that during intercourse he grabbed her breasts very forcibly.'She was in pain.

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