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In the shoot, the actors are portraying newlyweds Lily and Cane, who agreed to the shoot for the “Restless Style” magazine’s wedding issue!

It may be all for the storyline of the hit daytime show, but that doesn’t make the shoot any less gorgeous! 40 Hottest Women Of Reality TV Top 10 Controversial Photos of 2008 Ashley Greene Scandal!

In 2009, the pair were married just before Lily was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, a storyline praised by viewers and critics.

Billy Miller (Billy) is a great actor and I have worked with Daniel Goddard (Cane) for a long time. Chloe is about to give birth in the cabin where Billy and Lily are having a romantic getaway! CHRISTEL: We are there for a Valentine’s Day trip and Chloe follows us there. At first I don’t believe her, but then I see clearly that her water broke. CHRISTEL: Billy found out when Chloe fell off the ladder and she went to the hospital. ” When he finds out he keeps it quiet, because he figures out that he is the father. MICHAEL: Isn’t it odd that Lily, who just found out about this lie, is helping to deliver the new little bundle of joy? I mean, it’s a big snowstorm and we are all snowed in. Then the way that Lily reacts to it ends up working out really well, also. MICHAEL: MICHAEL: You recently got married to musician Stephen Hensley.

Critics have described her as having evolved from a "teen star" into a "leading lady".

Former executive producer and head writer Lynn Marie Latham said she was happy with the casting change; she was impressed by Khalil's work, saying that she is a "brilliant actress".

The different angle this time involves Cane having cheated and the twins rapid growth spurt.

Soap opera rapid aging syndrome (SORAS) is a tongue-in-cheek reference to a plot device that’s often been used within this genre.

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