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Guren was blamed for becoming too close to her because of their friendship, and the consequences to him were many harsh beatings by adults and teenagers from the Hīragi family during his childhood.

The bad treatment towards him and the Ichinose family motivated Guren to train harder and become stronger while growing up, with a stronger sense of determination.

Motivated by Mahiru to become stronger and wiser, Guren would become a wise leader who values teamwork and cooperation, determined to ensure the survival of the human race from demons and vampires.

When Yūichirō Hyakuya tried to join the Moon Demon Company, Guren refused until he made friends.

It was another reason for why Guren's original personality had yet to be fully taken over by his second, demonic personality, and continues to exist.

Nevertheless, he has since kept his own emotions in check on a daily basis, carefully maintaining a positive image so not to worry them.

Guren is a Lieutenant Colonel of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army and the leader of the Vampire Extermination Unit's Moon Demon Company.

Anime and manga versions have in common shoulder epaulettes and a gold unit insignia.

He also plans to dethrone the Hīragi Family; however, this is shown to be explicitly desired by him upon being possessed by Mahiru-no-Yo.

It is made clear when Guren is possessed, and his true desires come to light, that he, along with Shinya Hīragi, wants to change the status quo and hierarchy.

Guren sometimes pretends to be lazy, but in truth, he really works hard.

He keeps many secrets to himself, and has no difficulty lying about them.

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