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At AIM, we take each young woman’s right to confidentiality very seriously because we are in the business of freeing people from exploitation and the last thing we want is to exploit anyone’s story, even if is a story of miraculous restoration. As such, it is hers to share or not, however she sees fit.At the same time however, quality reporting that sheds light on the issue and spurs more people to commit to the fight against human trafficking is vital in this work.Prime Minister Hun Sen yesterday called for the closure of a Christian anti-trafficking NGO during a heated tirade at a graduation ceremony, condemning them and CNN for broadcasting an “insulting” story about girls who were sold into sexual slavery by their own mothers.But in the unpaved streets of the once notorious Svay Pak commune, where Agape International Missions (AIM) has been established since 2005, the community yesterday despaired at the thought of the charity’s closure.They want more people to know so they can do something to help other girls who are still trapped.How can this atrocity be obliterated if they are silenced? I have seen truth free a battered and broken child who used to believe lies about her worth because of what happened to her.

I rode a moto down streets where pimps were soliciting customers and traffickers were hawking child pornography.AIM featured prominently in a recent CNN report, which revisited three girls who were reportedly sold into sex slavery by their impoverished family members.It was initially headlined , which sparked ire on social media because one of the victims spoke Vietnamese.I sat at my desk, reading through the email from CNN, wondering if I should agree to an interview or not.I vacillated between the pros and cons thinking it would be easier to just decline and get back to work.

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They are asking for people to look into their eyes and listen to the truth.

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