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With so many events, each sponsored by a completely separate entity, you never quite know what to expect when you show up at one of them.Last Saturday, I attended the show for the Julia Clancey collection in West Hollywood.The event took place at the Pacific Center For Design.Had I known the event would start hours after promised I would have stopped to get a milkshake from Millions (it’s been a hot second since I’ve hit that place up. It’s no longer on TMZ every 5 minutes so maybe not? I was so glad I opted for an ensemble that involved sequins considering my new favorite label, Julia Clancey, clearly was all about making a sparkling statement.Los Angeles Fashion Week is really unlike any other Fashion Week.Not having an official sponsor for the entire week, Fashion Week ends up being scattered events across the giant sprawl that is Los Angeles.However, I found the refined details of this collection especially captivating.The fact that men’s bags were incorporated into the styling details of the designs also helped keep my attention, especially since my job now includes working with men’s bags, once again proving my point that whether you’re a sales person, an editor, a designer, a buyer etc.

If I could describe this collection in two words I would say it was definitely modern and refined with industrial details.

The designer, Adrienne Fuqua always brings an energy to the catwalk that can only be described as So. Her designs are always the ultimate summer swimsuit goals.

From whimsy two pieces to asymmetrical cuts, Fuqua always takes swimwear to a whole other level. The collection exuded strength, power and resilience and was probably the first true ready to wear collection to walk down the catwalk for the night.

From feathers and ruffles, her collection was for the girls who aren’t afraid to be girly.

Literally, Gall’s designs reminded me of the hey days of Bob Mackie-like she was designing for Barbie herself.

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Shanna Gall was the designer to close out the evening.

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