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And there's much more, including Steve's candid answers to questions you've always wanted to ask men.

Drawing on a lifetime of experience and the feedback women have shared with him in reaction to Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, Harvey offers wisdom on a wealth of topics relevant to both sexes today.

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by “pepimartinez” off the Huff Po comments section, but it’s how I feel as well.

“The poor and the lower-middle class vote for Republicans because “one day, that could be me, and I want to keep what I earn. Well YOUR money is dwindling because the top 2% is putting the financial burden on the other 98%, while buying bigger and better toys and not investing a damn thing back into the country.

Khoảng cách địa lý cũng chẳng thể nào đốn gục được tình yêu nồng cháy của đôi ta giống như cơn bão tuyết dữ dội cũng không thể nào quật ngã được những cây tùng cây, cây bách vẫn hiên ngang sừng sững trong rừng.

That’s how stock prices soar, and our GDP goes up, but unemployment stays the same.If you’re in the lower or middle class and voted republican, you bought what they were selling.You ordered the sham-wow off the infomercial, but the product won’t meet the promises.In his new book he zeros in on what motivates men and provides tips on how women can use that knowledge to get more of what they need out of their relationships, whether it's more help around the house, more of the right kind of attention in the bedroom, more money in the joint bank account, or more truth when it comes to the hard questions, such as: Are you committed to building a future together? Harvey lays out a three-tier, CIA-style of questioning that will leave your man no choice but to cut to the chase and deliver the truth.Dating Tips, Decade by Decade Whether you're in your twenties and just starting to date seriously, in your thirties and feeling the tick of the biological clock, or in your forties and beyond, Steve provides insight into what a man, in each decade of his life, is looking for in a mate.

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