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They managed to find his brother, who's provided them with a lot of information on Wade's life.I'd love to hear more about Nichols - a gay man who found fame in straight porn and who eventually ended up with a hit disco song and a major role on The Edge of Night soap opera! I remember reading an article where she did a telephone interview and was a married suburban mom.She likened having sex with a black man to bestiality! Everyone who worked with/knows her seems to love her.

R6 April Hall of The Rialto Report has had a long-time fascination with Wade Nichols, so I know she'll put together a great report on him.Erik said Wade was completey respectful and never stepped over any lines during the scene.Erik had a lot of respect for Wade as a person and as an actor. Greenfield, the only guy Bambi Woods has sex with in the movie. He was in the Goodbye Girl, albeit in a small role.Both Eric Edwards and Paul Thomas were signed to the William Morris Agency before they were in porn.Thomas came from a wealthy family, so he didn't really need to do porn, he just wanted to.

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She did only a few movies to finance her surgery, and she has a very ordinary life and career (she's actually widely rumored to be dead).

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